DCU Blog Post One


Welcome to our super slick new website thanks to the hard work of Jack Harner (web developer) and Nick Jones (graphic designer)

If you’ve already been a member and you’re signing up for the website, thank you for all of your support over the last 13 rounds of donations.  

For the new comers, DCU started during the summer of 2020. Around 35 of my friends would Venmo me $20 every two weeks and one of those who donated would select a charity based on when they joined the club. We’d average roughly $700 a round- adding up to over $9,000 raised for 13 different charities. We covered a wide variety of causes that address hunger, mental health, housing and more. If it’s a local charity that works to make life easier on those who need it, they’re eligible for a DCU round selection. 

Round 13 closed on September 30th and raised $700 for the Hollywood Food Coalition. They’ve been serving hot meals every day to the unhoused members of Hollywood since 1987. I was able to visit both their food collection warehouse and meal distribution center at the Salvation Army on Hollywood Blvd. Truly an incredible operation- markets and restaurants donate pallets of food that normally would go to waste. They have an industrial kitchen that puts together solid meals for anyone who needs it. They also provide essentials like toiletries, new clothing, and new shoes when available. 

After talking to Sherry Bonanno, their Executive Director, we came to the conclusion that our grant of $700 would be well spent on solar powered lanterns. She told me how much of a bummer it is for these folks who have no source of light in their tents. Their only time of privacy is accompanied by absolute darkness. They can also charge any devices they have on these solar powered units- super helpful. 

So glad our superstar member, Cody Ackors, selected that for round 13.

Moving forward, our first official round on the new website is selected by Natanya Ross. 

She has nominated Hope of the Valley- an organization that provides relief for the unhoused. Cool thing is, they will be opening the Trebek Center, a 107-bed bridge housing. The site is the old Skateland in Northridge. So if you’re a valley kid (like me), or a Jeopardy fan (also like me) this is an organization to get down with. Oh, and they also provide tiny homes and meals too- super rad. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining us on this adventure. 100% of the round donation goes directly the the member nominated charity. To help cover our operating costs, we ask you toss a couple bucks into the “Donation To DreamClub” part of check out. Either way, we’re just excited to do some good with all y’all. 


Albert Hickman

Founder & President

DreamClub United