About Us

Mission Statement

The easiest way to make a significant impact in your local community.

About Us

DCU is a charity club that collects small monthly donations from members. We pool all the money together and donate it to a member-nominated charity each month. We’ve done 20+ rounds of fundraising since we started in September 2020. It started with a couple of friends over Venmo, and has evolved into a full-blown internet website experience!

DCU was started because it’s easy to feel frustrated and helpless when you want to help fix up this kookie world we be livin’ in. We’ve found the best way to start is by focusing on the community around us. The needs of our city are incredibly diverse, and this club is a platform for members to tell us about the change they want to see. For now, we only focus on local, Los Angeles, humanitarian issues- but plan to expand to supporting animal welfare and environmental causes as well as in cities across the country. All in due time!

What We Do

Many people want to help with local charitable contributions but feel like their donations are not large enough to make a difference. Dreamclub United fixes that by taking small amounts from all of our members and pooling them together. Essentially, we take your $40 and turn it into thousands each month.

How It Works

Being a member of Dreamclub United is as effortless as being a Netflix subscriber. 

Dreamclub United automatically collects small contributions from its members once per month and then pools those funds together to donate a lump sum to that month’s member nominated charity. We work with these charities to make sure the funds are allocated to the most immediately impactful part of their organization.