DCU Round 29 – Down Syndrome Association of Orange County

Howdy Friends,

It’s freaking 2023, and I say we roll out the red carpet for the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County, baybeee! One of our members has been working with DSAOC, photographing their annual Red Carpet Ball, for almost 15 years and we are pleased as punch to help bring the dance back for the first time since 2020. 

DSAOC has been cookin’ since 1978, providing resources and support for parents along with programs that “empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential,” (dsaoc.org). 

As lovers of rug cutting and good times, we’ll be providing an opportunity for our members to help put on the sickest dinner and dance the OC has ever seen. Shoot an email to hello@dreamclubunited.org if you’d like to join us this year at an in person event. Ya best believe it’ll be fun. 

Bring On The Boogie,

Albert Hickman