DCU Round 24 – P.S. Arts

Howdy Class,

Call us crazy, but we think CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE! It’s time we cut out all of this, “Children are the past,” bologna and get to work helping out all of these youths.

Summer camp is over and it’s time for everyone to head back to school. Kicking off the fall semester in a very rad way, we are partnering with P.S. Arts. They’re a non profit that provides arts education to underserved public schools. This program has grown from 285 students in one school to serving 25,000 kids in 57 schools across LA County and California’s Central Valley. That’s just in 30 years! According to my projections, they will be serving over one billion students by the year 3000.

All that math aside, we’re currently working P.S. Arts to plan some DCU volunteer opportunities. A good amount of our members are artists, and soon we will have a chance to put our skills to good use through clinics and private lessons with P.S. Arts students. If you’d like to join the gang and I on this righteous quest to inspire some young folks, please reach out to us at hello@dreamclubunited.org

Your Pal,

Albert Hickman